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What is the alcohol content of Saigon beer? Saigon Beer products

The alcohol content of Saigon beer does not depend on the volume of the beer can, but it varies depending on the different beer types. However, the highest alcohol content will not exceed 6% by volume as per the regulations of Vietnamese law. Let’s find out the alcohol content of Saigon beer in this article in the “Questions and Answers about Alcohol and Beer” section by Kamereo Blog.

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An overview of the Saigon beer brand

Before delving into the alcohol content of Saigon beer, let’s briefly go over some highlights of the SAIGON beer brand.

Saigon Beer is a leading beer brand in Vietnam, produced by the Saigon Alcohol – Beer – Beverage Corporation (SABECO). The brand was established in 1875 by Mr. Victor Larue, a Frenchman living in Saigon.

SABECO’s headquarters is in Ho Chi Minh City

SABECO has a long history and a strong connection with the people of Vietnam. Its products are an essential part of daily life in Vietnam, from cozy family gatherings to fun times with friends. In addition, Saigon beer is widely distributed across the country and exported to many countries worldwide. This beer line has been recognized as a national brand and is the 351st member of the Berlin Beer Association, one of the most reputable beer organizations in the world.

What are the ingredients in Saigon beer?

Saigon beer with its rich taste and characteristic golden color is a result of carefully selected ingredients, including:

  • Barley malt: This is the main component that gives the beer its flavor. Barley malt is made from barley grains and then fermented and aged for a certain period.
  • Grains: Supplementary ingredients that add thickness and flavor to the beer. Grains commonly used in Saigon beer include corn, rice, and black malt.
  • Hops: This component adds bitterness and aroma to the beer. Hops are harvested from hop plants, dried, and ground into powder.
  • Water: Comprising around 90% of the beer’s composition, the water used must be clean, have suitable mineral content, and be free from impurities to create a delicious flavor.
The ingredients in the picture are SAIGON beer ingredients

Additionally, Saigon beer may also contain some other minor additives such as beer yeast, sugar, flavorings, preservatives, etc. However, the amounts of these minor additives are typically very small.

Alcohol content of different Saigon beer types

The alcohol content varies among Saigon beer products. Therefore, each product has its unique flavor and strength. Kamereo Blog will reveal the alcohol content of various Saigon beer products below.

Alcohol content of Saigon Lager

First, let’s learn about the alcohol content of Saigon Green or Saigon Lager – one of the most popular beer brands in Vietnam. It’s one of the oldest brands of Bia Saigon, with over 20 years of development but still maintains its popularity among consumers.

What sets Saigon Lager apart from other beer types is that it doesn’t cause a feeling of thirst or a headache after consumption. The main reason is the low alcohol content, only at 4.3%. As a result, Saigon Lager is a common choice for those who prefer a light and enjoyable beer.

Saigon Green Lager Beer has a light alcohol content suitable for everyone
Saigon Green Lager Beer has a light alcohol content suitable for everyone

Saigon Lager brings a rich and refreshing taste and is best enjoyed at a temperature of around 10 – 12°C. The beer is available in two packaging options:

  • Bottles with a volume of 450ml packaged in plastic crates with 20 bottles per crate.
  • Cans with a volume of 330ml sold in boxes with 24 cans per box.

Saigon Export Red

The alcohol content of Saigon Export Red is 4.9%, slightly higher than Saigon Green. This beer is known for its rich flavor and is especially popular in the central and southern provinces of Vietnam. Saigon Export wins over customers with its unique taste and quality. The beer is available in 355ml bottles, packaged in crates with 20 bottles per plastic crate.

Saigon Export Red is packaged in bottles with a high alcohol content of 4.9%

Alcohol content of Saigon Special

Saigon Special showcases its uniqueness from packaging design to product quality, living up to its name. The short bottle design exudes masculinity, while the impressive color combinations add a touch of sophistication.

Saigon Special is made from 100% barley malt, applying new technology combined with traditional fermentation methods. Therefore, the alcohol content of this Saigon beer is as high as 4.9%, offering a unique, familiar, and refreshing taste. Saigon Special is available in both bottled and canned versions, with a volume of 330ml.

Saigon Special is also a line of Saigon beer with high alcohol content

Saigon Chill Beer

In 2020, SABECO introduced a new beer line called Saigon Chill. The product takes inspiration from recent youth trends, with “Chill” signifying comfort and ease, reflecting the lifestyle of many young people.

Saigon Chill Beer is produced using a unique fermentation formula at -2°C. Its main ingredients include water, barley malt, grains, hops, and no harmful additives. Therefore, the alcohol content of Saigon Chill Beer is 4.6%, suitable for all consumers.

Saigon Chill beer has an average alcohol content
Saigon Chill beer has an average alcohol content

Saigon Chill Beer is available in 330ml bottles, packaged in 24 bottles per crate. It’s also available in 330ml cans, with 6 cans per pack and 24 cans per box, providing diverse options for consumers.

Where to buy Saigon beer at wholesale prices in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong?

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Many customers have connected with Kamereo in recent times
Many customers have connected with Kamereo in recent times

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The above information provides detailed information on the alcohol content of Saigon beer for each product line. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and Kamereo Blog will respond as soon as possible. Don’t forget to follow the Questions and Answers channel for more interesting information!

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