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What is KAMEREO?

    KAMEREO is an all-in-1 platform for HORECA businesses to connect with suppliers for a quicker purchasing process and purchasing management. Our product is launched in Vietnam, but worry not! We’re going international in the future. Imaging less time and cost spent on going to suppliers to purchase goods for your restaurant, no more scattered purchasing data. All can be done within one destination – KAMEREO.
    So what exactly do we do and how can we add value to your business?

    For Restaurants / Cafes / Bars

    Managing a restaurant is a big headache when it comes to the daily or weekly chores – purchasing and sourcing your produce and supplies in general. With our core team members coming from F&B background themselves, we’re eager to help restaurant in this aspect, so you’d have more time to make customers happy. Restaurant spend lots of time to send daily orders to scattered suppliers via Email, SMS, Zalo and so on. Hence, data can not be shared relevant parties and take lots of time to just ordering to suppliers. With KAMEREO, you can place orders to all of your suppliers within 3-5 min everyday and track the situation of order instantly. And, you don’t need to switch suppliers to start using KAMEREO.
    We also understand how difficult it is to find and contact a sea of suppliers to buy the goods you want and get them delivered. With KAMEREO, more than 200 suppliers with 10,000 products will be at your finger tips, within one platform. All our suppliers are verified and KAMEREO team will help you with your purchasing process, anytime!
    We have recently launched a new look for our restaurant platform. Here is how it looks now! Fresh and user friendly. 

    For suppliers of HORECA business

    KAMEREO surely understands the difficulties of both ends of F&B businesses. Being a supplier, it is a major task to present yourself to as big of an audience as possible. Besides, managing orders and order shipment are the core of any supplier’s business. We want to make this process as effective, easy and time efficient as possible.
    With more than 300 restaurants on our system, that’s about 300 potential customers for you to approach, all in one platform.
    While we just launched brand new interface for restaurant side, we will release a brand new version for supplier this June as well! Here is a glimpse of our new supplier platform!

    KAMEREO on mobile

    We understand the need for a platform that offers convenience and accessible anywhere, anytime.
    KAMEREO team is working hard to perfect a mobile app which is coming soon, so stay tune!
    Meanwhile, we offer a quick access mobile solution for our users. You can easily add KAMEREO to your home screen and log in instantly. Let us run you through a quick how-to demo!

    Adding KAMEREO to your home screen on iOS
    …and on Android

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