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Good news for cheese lovers in HCMC & The new-style shop – Le Padam Cheese Bar review – By Cheri The Glutton

New shop at the Pasteur street

The new shop of Le Padam is located at the centre of the city, across from The Mach House where I love.

There is a much larger shop than I expected. Couldn’t imagine such a big-scale at D1!!

Look at this picture on the sign in front of the shop!! 

It was drawn by the same artist who decorated the former shop’s wall.

What I saw in the shop at first is …Baguette!!

These baguettes are super delicious, especially this brown one, I love it!! (I definitely buy them home…!)

A design is so gorgeous inside.

There are plenty of spaces between tables, looks like a library at the first floor. 

It’s located at the centre of the first-class district…unbelievable…

Don’t miss out the second flour!!

The second floor is amazing as well, pretty illustrations on the wall, and a pool table on the center!! 

There is another room on the right side, having a relaxed atmosphere with a vaulted ceiling .

Kids’ room is also available, it’s friendly for families with children. 

If you hear “cheese bar”, you can imagine the dinner place, but it is opened from 7am so you can enjoy a brunch on weekends.

What a great menu it is !

With a variety of beers and wines, there are only appetisers (salad, quiche, for example), breads, sandwiches, and cheeses.

They don’t have main dishes to reduce food loss and save wasted money, instead, they prepare a lot of delicious cheeses as a profession. Cheese is a long life and easy to keep, so these idea is smart to run a restaurant in such as high-rent area.

Although it is quite expensive, the price of dishes are reflected in the amount of food, so it would be good to share with someone.

I was happy when I found the list of cheeses’ name with pictures on the back of menu. It’s easy to understand what is what and also buy what I really want.

Without this one, easy to forget and cannot buy a cheese that I like when I come back here next time…

Hope to memorize a variety of cheese step by step!

-The best cheese ever!!

On that day, a reception party was held for celebrating to open, so there are only pieces of cheeses with some breads! 

So there are only pieces of cheese with some baguettes!!! 

Comte, Emmental, Raclette…

Even if I am a cheese beginner, I feel certain all cheeses are different flavours even some are the same type due to the different makers and processing. How interesting it is…

 Anyway all of them are the best quality. I enjoyed a lot of different kinds of cheese with wine.

Good weekend with cheese 

After that, I bought some cheeses.

Look at these cheeses. Sooo beautiful…

I supposed they stocked a lot especially for today. It seemed really good ways of keeping and showing them.

The most impressed thing is their hospitalities. When I called a grab to go home and waited for 7 minutes, they started to keep my cheese in the fridge in just a few minutes!! They try to keep good conditions as long as possible even it takes 10-15 minutes to go back. I’m sure staff understand the characteristics of cheese.

I bought Roquefort, a kind of blue cheese that I liked it on that day.

It is made in Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, France and one of the best known blue cheese in the world.

That was so delicious…. some of my French friends reviewed like “it is much better than other Roquefort” “The best Roquefort I ever tried!” and so on.

 I bought 200g for about 500k, not reasonable but it’s a good value for money so I don’t care about that.

Of course I had it with their yummy french baguette. 

If you like soft bread, you might feel hardish, but you enjoy baguette-specific the savory smell of flour. I know it too hard to cut and eat…haha but I recommend you to eat cheese with this baguette.

Feel sorry that it’s not beautiful dish up…

Some bread, baguette, dried fruit and cheese there.

Hard baguettes go well with dried fruit I think, it has a good balance of the texture.

Cheese with bread and honey are the perfect combination without saying…it was super delicious beyond words.

This dried orange is better with cheese, dried pineapples are good though.

I want to try with dried prunes and apricots.

I cannot believe I spent such a special time with Le Padam’s cheeses at home…!I hope I will try other kinds of cheeses someday…!

Btw, if you go there in the morning, there are croissants as well.

I haven’t tried their danishes yet so I’ll try them asap. And also I’ve never seen any restaurants serving specific food in this area.

Le Padam Cheese Bar is the newest style restaurant in Saigon. It’s a good plan to go there before or after other main restaurants.

I went there again!!

After a reception party, I’ve been there several times with my friends.

It’s nice place for me after having a light meal at another restaurant.

Assorted cheese with cold-cuts is my favorite menu (740k).

You can choose three cheeses by yourself. (If you don’t know well, let’s ask some staff today’s special)

That time I ordered CONTE! So yummyyyy

Ordered Camembert cheese too.

I enjoyed these baguette again;)

Once I start, i cannot stop eating…

To be honest, I doubted that it’s good for French people to have cheese, bread and wine just for a meal, but realized it’s enough to fill your stomach up (oh wait I had a full dinner before coming here…anyways no one stop eating).

They have a wide range of wine. We ordered 2 bottles of wine and assorted food, 2400k in total. (600k per each)

It was more reasonable than I expected.

The secrets of Le Padam’s cheese

I really want to know the reason why Le Padam’s cheese is different from other cheeses, so I asked the store.

Surprisingly, there are buyers for cheese in France and they also have their own storage warehouse, so they can buy cheese directly and make well-aged cheeses.

You cannot enjoy their cheese other than here except they will start to sell somewhere.

In addition, croissants are also handmade. It’s a bit difficult to make authentic croissants here without well equipment. 

Finally I tried croissants, how amazing they are…!

If you eat it the next day, it’s much better to toast it before eating. You can taste rich buttery.

I want to go there for breakfast…! I haven’t try a croque-monsieur yet, always been for drinking at dinner…

Having cheese with wine is not familiar to Japanese, but you should try it if you live in HCMC. Le Padam’s cheese and wine make you happy. Don’t miss this great chance!

Le Padam Cheese Bar
140 Pasteur Q1
Time : 07:00 – 23:00
Spent : 600,000 vnd/person

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