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All-in-one supplier for F&B Business

About us

We take care of sourcing, storage, packing, distribution, and all the dots in between that connect great ingredients to great food. Direct from farms to kitchens means reducing middlemen that may not necessarily value add to the supply chain.

Why us

Find what you need

A state-of-the-art search engine makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Just type in your requirements or refine your search through a set of intuitive filters


Value-added buying

From sourcing suppliers and conducting negotiations to innovative financing options and managing logistics we add value at every step of the buying process.

The Power Of Data

View spending summaries or generate detailed reports for convenient forecasting and inventory management. Your own dashboard will provide useful information that will help you on making better decisions. The perfect tool to reduce wastage on your Restaurant!


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    Vietnamese beef noodle salad (bun bo xao) is packed with fresh herbs, flavorful beef, and refreshing lime fish sauce dressing. It takes only 30 minutes...


We’re a team of local food and drinks experts! We work to bring our reader the latest updates on Vietnam’s culture and F&B market. From new restaurants to unique dishes, we’ve got it covered!

A new look for our platform or new features are always exciting. Yes, we do have a website but we’d love to inform our readers on the recent changes!

We’re eager to be working with local professional foodies to paint the most colourful F&B picture to anyone who wants to explore Vietnam. 

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