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KameMart App Introduce Event

The event occurred 2 days 09 – 10/10/2021 in AEON Mall Binh Tan by Kamereo Company to introduce the online supermarket app – KameMart with many exciting Japanese shows

KameMart provides fresh veggies and food ingredients with the “from farm to table” quality by trusted providers from Vietnam. There are about 1000 products, not only from Japan but also from other countries, beside that, with diversified products, competitive prices and free delivery are the 3 points that KameMart gives to our customers. Ordering with a mobile phone application is designed simply and easy to understand to give customers the fastest and easiest ordering experience.

This event was carefully prepared from the very beginning, with traditional Japanese repertoire selected to perform at the event. In addition, when coming to the event, customers can also participate in fun modern games such as Spot it!, Touch Test (The Secret Box), interactive technology games, rotation luck,…

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