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Brand new functions for our restaurant platform

Recently, we’ve just launched two new function: order approval and order analysis filtered on suppliers and product categories. These two new functions will be adding much more value and convenience to your daily order management.

In this blog, we will walk you through the details of these 2 functions and how to best utilise them.

If you’re currently using Kamereo and would like to try these functions out then let’s get to it here

Order Approval Function

Understanding the operation of a restaurant’s purchasing process, we’ve integrated this functions in order to enable a better management on daily order quantity and quality. This will allow restaurant management to approve or decline orders created by their staff in real time.

Order approval function will not be automatically turned on in your account by default. To enable this, you can go to Company section on the side menu and turn the approval function on to start using this function.

After this function being turned on, you will see under Order tab, there will be an added sub-category called Pending Approval:

If your purchasing team has recently created new orders to be approved then there will be a red notification next to Pending Approval.

After clicking into Pending Approval, this is what you will see:

Here, you can approve or disapprove multiple orders at the same time by selecting orders you want to respond to and press Approve or Disapprove to complete.

You can also filter these orders by order date or delivery date and filter by your supplier’s name.

Besides, you can click on each order to view all notes, items, edit order and directly respond by clicking on Approve button or clicking on Disapprove this order in red to decline.

Order Analysis Function

Since the beginning of our journey to creating the core products, we have received a lot of feedbacks from customers that being able to see how much they order from certain suppliers or the spending analysis of each product is very important.

Listening to the feedbacks, we have launched this function to help restaurant managers to have a better overview of how much the spend each month compares to the previous ones. From then they can use this information to negotiate for a better price and discounts with suppliers.

When pointing your mouse to the side bar on the left, you will see that under analysis, we have two sub categories labeled: Supplier and Item. This is where all your order data will be summarised, analysed and presented in the formats of a bar chart or a data table.

Supplier Analysis

If you go to Supplier, the first thing that will catch your eyes is this vibrant bar chart. Here, you can have an overview of your restaurant’s spendings compares of last month / week / year.

On the left, there are 3 indications in blue that tells you:

  • Total spending within 1 week / month / year.
  • Total delivery within 1 week / month / year.
  • Percentage of change in your spending compares to the previous period

If you want to see the detailed amount of the spending, simply point your mouse to each bar.

Nếu bạn cảm thấy biểu đồ cột không tiện cho mình thì ngay phía dưới biểu đồ là bảng thống kê chi tiêu với từng số tiền cụ thể. Định dạng của bảng này cũng sẽ được thay đổi theo tuần / tháng / năm mà bạn chọn.

Well, if you feel like a bar chart is still a bit difficult to navigate then worry not! We’ve got a data table ready. Scrolling down from the bar chart is all your purchasing details shown for the chosen week / month / year in a well-organised chart.

Item analysis

If you click on Item then all your data will be filter based on item name and it’s supplier. This analysis will only be formatted within a table since your restaurants will have plenty of items in your orders and showing them in bar chart can get confusing.

We have integrated a set of filters up top to help you sort through all items. this filter set will allow you to navigate through all items based on its name and its supplier’s name.

Unlike Supplier analysis, your Item analysis will have a default monthly format instead of choices between week, month or year, making it easier for user to understand the full set of data.

If you’re already using Kamereo’s restaurant platform and would like to learn more about these new functions, or if you’re not yet a client and would like to give our system a try, then please feel free to reach out to our team within the information below:

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