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Meet the new and improved KAMEREO

We understand that every restaurant has their frequent purchase supplier that they know and trust. Orders usually stay similar for each time and the staff knows exactly what they need on a daily basis.

Your favourite goods and suppliers

It is important for business managers to use a platform that is compact and easy read through a system while getting on with their busy schedule.
Our buyer platform has been given a huge revamp for a fresh look and easy to navigate platform. Restaurant owners may get swamped with many suppliers out there in Vietnam. The team strive to bring a platform with enough variety of suppliers while being organised.
Let us walk you through our highlighted features!

FAVORITE ITEMS” was added first thing on your side menu with the purpose to aid buyers to easily reach the frequent items without having filter through a pool of suppliers or market place. Just mark your desired items as favorite and this section will be your little diary for easy daily ordering.

A new look for our category sidebar

Anyone who’s familiar with KAMEREO’s previous buyer platform will know that we compact all categories of ingredients and suppliers for them on the left-hand side, just a few scrolls and you will see all your options. However, we want to improve it so that it’s even easier for user to filter through products they’re looking for without having to scroll through a big list.

User friendliness is our top priority. We want our customers to refill their supplies within a snap.

Presenting a new look for our sub-category with a pop up side menu bar showing types of products; and the breakdowns of each product type. When choosing either Suppliers or Market Place, your sub-category bar will be pinned to stay in place so your option to filter will always be visible as you scroll through the selections. A cleaner look for your side bar and all time accessible filter are our aim to provide user here at this improvement.

Invitation for your colleague to collaborate made easy

Need your colleagues to join you on the ordering process? KAMEREO has made it one step easy so user doesn’t need to share one account amongst a team.

We’ve made it simple to invite anyone to join your KAMEREO space by adding their email address. Your colleague will immediately receive an invitation Email from us and can quickly set up their KAMEREO access within less than 5 minutes.

Your monthly spending recap

Taking full control of your orders is important but a report to keep track of monthly spending on supplies us also crucial for any F&B business to acknowledge. We understand that this will aid budgeting and financial reports of your business. This mini report will be included right at the bottom of your dashboard.

Buyer’s daily spending pattern will be summarised by month within a clear bar chart enabling user to track and analyse any abnormal spending in each month. This section allows user to look at their big picture by month; just select a month in the calendar drop down and your data will be visualised in an instance.

Need help with our new features? Or have more suggestions for us?
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