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We are pioneers in the tech-driven supply chain space for fresh produce

Food business has been manually operated by people with lack of technology for a long time. We believe that food business should be much more creative in nature.

We commit to redefine the food business using the power of technology.

Technology is the key for professionals in the food business to focus more on creative work. Food business gives positive power to all the people in daily life.

Company overview

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Company history

June 2018

Launch purchasing & sourcing platform service

Jan 2019

$500K seed round funding

August 2019

Launch vegetables supply chain business

April 2020

Launch KameMart (online grocery) service

June 2020

Close platform service

April 2021

Close KameMart & focus on supply chain business

May 2021

$4.6M Series A funding


KAMEREO was founded with our passion to solve  sourcing and purchasing challenges that most restaurants face everyday. We offer a platform that connect suppliers with restaurants for the best purchasing solutions that fit their needs, starting in Vietnam. Tedious manual labour, excessive time consumption, data storage and management are the pain points we aim to solve. 

We believe KAMEREO can help any food business’s owner, manager or chef work more effectively by simplifying and boosting the efficiency of their purchasing & sourcing process. Join KAMEREO now to see the difference in your business management!

ABOUT kamereon

We don’t just provide a service that boosts efficiency and reduces cost. Our team together with local and international bloggers aim to grow a social platform where every enthusiast, professional in the HORECA industry come together to learn, connect and discuss about Vietnam F&B market trends & innovations and sharing exciting local F&B insights. Buckle up for an adventure through Vietnam food & culture scenic with us!

Meet the team

We are a young team that understand F&B business and here to help them conquer their everyday challenges. With our core members’ solid background in the HORECA industry, we tackle the right pain points with our product and perfect it to meet customers’ demand.

This channel is nurtured and grown by our team to make sure that we have a platform to build trust, spread knowledge and connect with others.